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Kenji Hidaka [userpic]

Modly Note/Kenta/Shirota-mun Note!

Just earlier today, my AIM messenger decided to act like I was at school and pooped out on me. I managed to revive it, but it will NOT let me link both Shirota and Kenta's screen names with my personal one.

So for now, and until my stupid AIM decides to be kind to me again, please IM either Shirota or Kenta at my personal AIM name, Viyuuden. That'll be the only way to get in contact with either of them!

And since I'm updating, I might as well inform the community about this. I will be on hiatus starting this Friday, July 21st until July 29th. I'll be heading down to Delaware for the annual family beach vacation. I am fully prepared to roast and toast. Mm, sunburn. Shirota will be on a little vacation to Barcelona at that time, and Kenta will be.. on Pluto? We'll figure that one out as Friday gets here.

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Saitou Takumi [userpic]

Who: Saitou & Ruito
Rating: G-PG
Timeline: Today? Sure...
Summary: The friends meet up, have coffee and cheesecake, talk about guys. Normal stuff.

The friends reunite!Collapse )

RP Log!

Chars: Takuya and Shiozawa!
Pairing: Takuya/Shio
Rating: R!
Date:  July 8th

Who: Araki and Katou
Rating: G, it's just hilarious!
Timeline: This morning, after Araki left Kime's house
Summary: After our serious conversation we felt like loosening up. And out of that , we came up with this.

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So I stayed over at Kime's house yesterday. We really worked out alot things together. I'm so glad to have such a good friend like him. He helped throught a couple of insecurities of mine and I helped him throught his problems. And we ended up knowing more about each other.

During our talk yesterday, it became known to Kime that I can actually cook. I know some of you would be suprised, seeing as most people think I can only make my Juices. But I can really. It's just no one ever asks for me to cook. I mean really, have you seen any ramen in my house? No. And have I died yet? No. So logical answer is that I can cook.

Any way, we decided to do a small dinner party. Sorry to say that not everyone's invited. We decided that it'll just be a few close friends.

If you would like to be invited, just leave a comment and we'll think about it. 

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squishy_katou [userpic]

Who: KENN and Katou
Rating: PG just to be safe!
Timeline: Umm...in the morning? XD
Summary: Katou and KENN talk about mr. Duckie!

Duckie-nessCollapse )

Yeah, we're insane. XD

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青柳 塁斗 [userpic]

Who: KENN, Aoyagi Ruito
Rating: PG, for references again.
Timeline: A few days after KENN moved in and had his kitchen accident... also after all the recent mass orgies. x.x
Summary: Aoyagi follows up on his promise to help KENN spring-clean, they talk about all the Haremhood people and themselves, and... fight with spatulas and frying pans. ^^

En garde!Collapse )

Here I am. Singing and dancing and just being cool.

Video of me!

So, what do you think?

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青柳 塁斗 [userpic]

Who: Date Kouji (politechuckle), Aoyagi Ruito (Jedi Mudster)
Rating: Ehhh. PG for references?
Timeline: Current-time.
Summary: Aoyagi and Date have dinner. They talk about all sorts of things. ^^ Not really a log, more like how a conversation would be.

Log under cut.Collapse )

[[ooc: tags, please?]]

Kenji Hidaka [userpic]

One of your mods, speaking~

I was just curious, how many people would like to create AIM screen names for each of their characters? It would be easier to interact through AIM, more faster. I know I've already created names for both Shirota and KenKen, and was just curious if anyone else wanted to do the same?

And now, I take advantage of this beautiful July day and will go swimming!!

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