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September 2006
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Jedi Protein of Milk Digestion [userpic]
Rui-mun here!

Because we seem to be spawning gaining members every so often (or at least, old members take on new characters) I figure here's a fast and easy way to add everybody!

1) Go to >> http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console
2) In the big white box, type in the following command:

friend add [insert LJ username here] <-- this will automatically add the person into your friends list
friend remove [insert LJ username here] <-- and this will remove the person from your friends list.

3) Ta~dah! Check the confirmation page to see if you got anything wrong! :D

friend add koinopafoomansu
friend add innagayanspants
friend add takigawa_buchou
friend add etnieskick
friend add pervy_sota
friend add tutiinmypants

friend add penguin_shirota
friend add peaceofdance
friend add spazzy_dataman
friend add aibitchy

friend add seto_kouji
friend add takiguchi_yuki

friend add rhythm_ninoruze

friend add notachipmunk
friend add kawaii_kenn

friend add callingsaitou
friend add princess_kenta
friend add squishy_katou
friend add greenxwillow
friend add ikyuu_nyuukon
friend add takuyahan
friend add geko_kawaai

I recommend this list be stuck up somewhere and updated! Because there are sometimes people who join and then the rest of the characters don't know who they are/what their journals are/etc.

And... this is totally random, but try typing in a wrong URL for LJ that will get you a 404 page. xD I love the LJ 404 pages, they make me so amused.

Anyway, have a great weekend, all!

Current Music: Those Who Fight (piano version) -- FFVIIAC OST