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Tenimyu Harem Crack RP

Welcome to the Haremhood...

Tenimyu Harem - A Tenimyu Crack RP Comm
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Tenimyu Harem - A Prince of Tennis Musical Crack RP

This is a Prince of Tennis Musical ("Tenimyu") Crack RP ("Role Play") community. Prince of Tennis = Anime. Prince of Tennis Musical = live action musical based on aforementioned anime. Crack = ... Well, that's obvious. RP = Role play... that should be obvious too! Onward!

Disclaimer: This community is a FICTIONAL role play with the past and present actors from the Prince of Tennis Musicals. The persons in this community are NOT the actors themselves, and do not claim to be. The situations that happen in here may or may not have happened, they're fictional and from our warped brains. Not saying this implies anything about any person(s) portrayed in here!

The Plot:
Everyone has at one point or another wanted to gather all of their favored boys into a big melting pot and see what they do, a la The Sims game. This RP (which will be as cracky as can be) has the Tenimyu actors all sharing homes in a neighborhood known as THE HAREMHOOD, or the Harem for short. Everyone lives in their own house (or they can share, but no one's forced to). In the middle of the Harem is a huge house, more like a crashpad, for everyone to come and 'hang out'. almost always someone's hanging around there.

1. NO GODMODDING. This is a big rule in a lot of RP comms, and it applies here.
2. If you have a problem with something, talk to the mods. They're here to help you enjoy your visit to the Haremhood.
3. No more than 2 characters to a mun at a time. At least for now.
4. When you're approved, you'll be directed to make a journal. Once you've made the journal, reply to the mod approval with your journal!
5. The community is open to just about anything you want to RP. However, if your RP log is above an R rating, or involves yaoi or something questionable, f-lock the entry. If in doubt, lock it, or ask a mod.
6. Please update your character's journal once a month. It's not much to ask.

Log Info:
When you post...

Just copy and paste and apply to THIS entry:
Your name and your LJ:
AIM Contact (or other messenger, specify otherwise):
Character applying for:
Character quirks:
Sample journal entry:

Notes: "Name" can be an alias. Just what to call you. Also, put your actor's character and school in there somewhere. Journal entries are first person.

If you would like to pair off with a particular character, you're welcome to note that as well.

Ci zukkii
Kenji chibi_hidaka

Characters: For a listing, click here!

Seigaku 1st Gen:
Kimeru (Fuji/Ryoma/Kikumaru) (koinopafoomansu), played by zukkii
Tuti (Oishi) (innagayanspants, played by squishijilly
Takigawa Eiji (Tezuka Kunimitsu) (takigawa_buchou), played by ruiza
Endou Yuyu (Ryoma) (Journal TBA), played by gottis_chan
Aoyama Sota (Inui Sadaharu) (pervy_sota), played by ecoerrante

Seigaku 2nd Gen:
Shirota Yuu (Tezuka Kunimitzu) (penguin_shirota), played by chibi_hidaka
Adachi Osamu (Kikumaru Eiji) (peaceofdance, played by gottis_chan
Araki Hirofumi (Inui Sadaharu) (spazzy_dataman), played by sleepingtensai
Aiba Hiroki (Fuji) (aibitchy), played by kat8cha

Seigaku 3rd Gen:
Seto Kouji (Kikumaru Eiji) (seto_kouji), played by chibi_hidaka
Takiguchi Yukihiro (Oishi Syuichirou) (takiguchi_yuki), played by zukkii

Seigaku Ichinen:

Yuki Fujiwara (Akira Kamio) (rhythm_ninoruze), played by wolfram003

St. Rudolph:
Shiozawa Hidemasu (Mizuki Hajime) (notachipmunk), played by kat8cha
KENN (Fuji Yuuta) (kawaii_kenn), played by red_planet31


Saitou Takumi (Oshitari Yuushi) (callingsaitou), played by zukkii
Kenta Kamakari (Shishido Ryou) (princess_kenta), played by chibi_hidaka
Katou Kazuki (Atobe Keigo) (squishy_katou), played by ruiza
Aoyagi Ruito (Mukahi Gakuto) (greenxwillow), played by htenywg
Date Kouji (Ootori Choutarou) (ikyuu_nyuukon, played by akenosama
Takuya (Akutagawa Jirou) (), played by kits_hiwatari