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September 2006
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Adachi, Araki, and Katou finally talk

Who: Adachi, Araki, and Katou
Rating: G
Timeline: A few days after Adachi returns and finds out about Araki and Katou
Summary: Adachi confronts Araki and Katou about their relationship. Much angst ensues.

AngelicTensai = Adachi
SleepingTensai = Araki
Hebitsukai Noh = Katou

Hebitsukai Noh: *Cough* Ahem. Adachi, we need to talk.
Angelic Tensai: ^^
SleepingTensai: *bows head* Yeah, we do.
Angelic Tensai: ...
Hebitsukai Noh: Umm...I really...don't know what to say...
SleepingTensai: Adachi...see.....how do I say this. Me and Katou are......more then friends.
Hebitsukai Noh: *nodds* ._.
Angelic Tensai: Un. Figured that.
Hebitsukai Noh: *Is hiding behind Araki, not wanting to be killed by Adachi*
Angelic Tensai: *looks like a lost puppy*
SleepingTensai: *looks everywhere but at Adachi*
Angelic Tensai: It's pretty intersting that I find it out through journals first of all... Not face to face.
Hebitsukai Noh: I'm sorry Adachi...I didn't mean for this to happen! ._.;
SleepingTensai: I couldn't find you. I wanted to tell you face to face, but it just seemed I could never find you. *bows head* Sorry.
Hebitsukai Noh: ._.
Angelic Tensai: Fine. Whatever.
Angelic Tensai: *refuses to look at them*
SleepingTensai: Adachi....I don't blame you if you hate me.
Hebitsukai Noh: ._. I don't blame you if you hate me either.
Angelic Tensai : I... I don't.
Angelic Tensai: I just... don't understand...
Angelic Tensai: And I'm hurt.
Angelic Tensai: Really... hurt.
SleepingTensai: I....I don't understand how it happened either. It just....did. And I never meant to hurt you, Adachi. Really. It was the last thing that I wanted to do.
Angelic Tensai: But you did.
Angelic Tensai: If anything... I thought that I could... could trust you... But... *turns away, voice unsteady*
SleepingTensai: *closes his eyes* I know. And I don't know how I can change that. There are no excuses for this.
Angelic Tensai: No... There aren't. So tell me... How much have you... I mean, have you...
SleepingTensai: Uh....um....*looks away*
Angelic Tensai: Oh.
Angelic Tensai: ...
Angelic Tensai: .......
SleepingTensai: *squeezes his eyes shut*
Angelic Tensai: I... I mean, I... *cries* I can't deal with this, damn it...! *starts to stumble away*
SleepingTensai: *starts to go after Adachi* Adachi...wait!
Angelic Tensai: *doesn't stop, blindly stumbles onwards, tears streaming donw his face*
SleepingTensai: Adachi!
Hebitsukai Noh: .____.
Angelic Tensai: *mumbles, his voice thick and unsteady* Just leave me alone...!
Hebitsukai Noh: Adachi...why don't we share Araki?
Angelic Tensai: ... *turns around and just stares at Katou with tearfilled eyes*
Hebitsukai Noh: ._.
SleepingTensai: *stops and stares at Katou*............
Hebitsukai Noh: I'm...serious? ._. *hides*
Angelic Tensai: *shakes his head, then starts to walk again*
Hebitsukai Noh: *Doesn't know what to say or do.* ._.
SleepingTensai: *gazes at Katou for a moment before going towards Adachi* Adachi. I'm sorry. What do you want me to do?
Angelic Tensai: Keep away from me.
SleepingTensai: *stops, shocked*
Hebitsukai Noh: ._.
Angelic Tensai: Just leave me alone, okay?
SleepingTensai: *looks between Katou and Adachi, before tearing up and running away* I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Hebitsukai Noh: .....*sighs*
Angelic Tensai: *hides his face in his hands and sinks down on the ground*
Hebitsukai Noh: *sighs* I knew this was going to be hard for you...that's why I didn't want to say anything...
SleepingTensai: *runs into the crashpad, still crying*
Angelic Tensai: It's better to just do things behind someone's back then...?
Hebitsukai Noh: No no! That's not what I'm saying...I just....I don't know. *Sighs* I don't know...and I'm sorry...and I'm pretty sure Hiro-chan is too. u.u
Angelic Tensai: ... You should go after him.
Hebitsukai Noh: .....Why don't you go after him?
Angelic Tensai: You're with him. You comfort him.
Hebitsukai Noh:  But...you love him more then I do, don't you?
Angelic Tensai:  ... If you don't love him as much as I do, why did you have to go and fuck him?
Hebitsukai Noh: .....I....I don't know...
Angelic Tensai: Forget it. *starts to walk towards his house*
Hebitsukai Noh: Waiiiiiiiiit. Adachi...
Angelic Tensai: Why?
Hebitsukai Noh: Why don't we go comfort him, together? ._.
Angelic Tensai: No.
Angelic Tensai: I can't see him right now, okay?
Hebitsukai Noh: Umm...you can hit me? ._.
Angelic Tensai: I don't use violence. T_T
SleepingTensai: *sitting in a spare bedroom in the crashpad, mentally beating himself up*
Hebitsukai Noh: ._. Like I said before...I...really am sorry adachi...and I know Hi...Araki still wants to be your friend...so...yeah...*leaves and walks towards the crashpad*
Angelic Tensai: *walks into his house, then collapses in the kitchen and cries his eyes out*
Hebitsukai Noh: *makes it into the crashpad* .....Hiro-chan? you here?
SleepingTensai: GO AWAY!!!!!!
Hebitsukai Noh: .___. You want me...to go away?
SleepingTensai: J-just leave me alone.
Hebitsukai Noh: Oh...okay....*sighs* I guess that means you hate me now, right? *slowly walks away*
SleepingTensai: No! I....hate myself. I...don't know anything anymore.
Hebitsukai Noh: Hiro-chan...come out here..
SleepingTensai: I don't ever want to come out. I'd rather rot in here. *the lock clicks closed*
Hebitsukai Noh: *walks over to the door and leans against it* Really now? Never come out? What about Taki?
SleepingTensai: You'll have to tell her mommy went away. I'm not *sobs* I'm never coming out.
Hebitsukai Noh: *sniffles* I need you though...
SleepingTensai: *in a choked voice* Y-you don't need me. No o-one does. A-all I do is h-hurt people.
Hebitsukai Noh: I need you...You're the one I want to spend my life with...if you leave me...I won't have anything left...I need you so badly...*slumps in front of the door and cries.*
Hebitsukai Noh: T_T
SleepingTensai: *hears Katou crying, tried to smother his own sobs* I only hurt people. You both will find someone better then me.
Hebitsukai Noh: No...I won't...I was miserable before you came along. There's no one else I'd rather be with...
SleepingTensai: You think that now. *sobs* But y-you w-will find someone b-better. *a bracelet appears under the door* Give it to someone w-who *sobs* deserves it.
Hebitsukai Noh: *Stares down at the bracelet*.....So you're breaking up with me? *tears roll down his face*
SleepingTensai: I-i deserve to be a-alone.
Hebitsukai Noh: ....You are breaking up with me...I...dammit Araki Hirofumi!....T_T
SleepingTensai: *choking sobs are heard from the room*
Hebitsukai Noh: *Punches the wall* Why....why are you doing this to me?!
SleepingTensai: *flinches at the sound of the punch* I don't deserve you! I don't deserve to be with anyone!
Hebitsukai Noh: You deserve everything...if I could, I would give you the world...I would DIE for you!
Angelic Tensai: *apporaches* You... You damn idiot, Araki....
SleepingTensai: *sobs* DON'T SAY THAT! You need t-to live w-with someone who c-can make you happy and is b-better then I c-could ever be!
Hebitsukai Noh: No! I can't...live without you.. *is pawing at the door*
Angelic Tensai: You mean because you broke up with me, you're so lousy that you have to break up with Katou-kun too and make him unhappy, is that it?
Angelic Tensai: You have a little bit of happiness here, Araki. Damn it, don't throw it away!
Hebitsukai Noh: ....*can't talk because he's sobbing so hard*
SleepingTensai: But I threw yours away *sob* without even thinking about it. I'm h-horrible.
Angelic Tensai: You're not making me try and act the strong one here, man! You're both adults, okay? I'm not... But...
Angelic Tensai: What's better? Two people out of three get a little bit of happiness, or that three people out of three are all heartbroken? I mean, really...
Hebitsukai Noh: .....T_T
SleepingTensai: Why are you hearbroken!? I'm not worth it!
Angelic Tensai: I don't know... I really don't know... But...
Angelic Tensai: Just don't throw things away when you actually have them, okay?
SleepingTensai: Like I did with you?
Hebitsukai Noh: *is still crying his heart out*
Angelic Tensai: Right.
Angelic Tensai: You don't need to make the same mistake twice.
SleepingTensai: B-but what about you? I-i can't stand it if you hate me. *sobs* I still l-love you, j-just....
Angelic Tensai: Who said I hated you? I don't, if I did, I wouldn't care shit about this...
SleepingTensai: But you m-must hate me?
Angelic Tensai: No.
Angelic Tensai: I don't.
Hebitsukai Noh : *curls in a little ball* T_T
Angelic Tensai: If I did, I wouldn't care if you so dated Brad Pitt, okay?
SleepingTensai: *lock clicks open*
Angelic Tensai: There... Katou-kun... You can talk with him now.
Hebitsukai Noh: I tried to talk to him...he won't listen to me..T_T
Angelic Tensai: He unlocked the door at least... Just go in and hold him?
Hebitsukai Noh: *Sniff* Okay...*stands up and opens the door slowly, peeking his head in*
SleepingTensai: *curled up on the bed, head under his arms, soft sobs being heard*
Hebitsukai Noh: *walks over to araki and hugs the "ball"*
SleepingTensai: *stiffens*
Hebitsukai Noh: Hiro-chan...
SleepingTensai: *muffled* W-what?
Hebitsukai Noh: I...love you...*sniff*
SleepingTensai: *sobs* Y-you d-d-do?
Hebitsukai Noh: Of course I do!
SleepingTensai: *turns and buries face in Katou chest, crying harder*
Hebitsukai Noh: *holds Araki close* Shhh...it's okay...
SleepingTensai: I-i don't d-deserve such w-wonderful people like y-you in my l-life.
Hebitsukai Noh: Yes you do...you deserve everything...<3~
SleepingTensai: *sniffles* I.....I feel h-horrible.
Hebitsukai Noh: Will you come out please? I think Adachi has more that he wants to say~
SleepingTensai: *nods*
Hebitsukai Noh: *stands up and holds out his hand for Araki to take*
SleepingTensai: *takes Katou's hand, using the other one to wipe away the rest of the tears*
Hebitsukai Noh: *Pulls Araki out and looks around* o.o Adachi? I...guess he left...
SleepingTensai:  *bows head, mutters* Hates me so much he doesn't want to see me.
Hebitsukai Noh: That's not it...he's probably thinking about what he wants to say...
SleepingTensai: *shrugs* I hope so.
Hebitsukai Noh: *Huggles Araki* God...I love you.
SleepingTensai: *sniffles, says quietly* I love you, too.
Hebitsukai Noh: Do you really?
SleepingTensai: *gives a small nod*