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Yanagi [userpic]

Soooo, Yanagi is here. Yey!!! :D ^^;;; Finally?

Um...hi everyone. I'm finally here.

Jedi Protein of Milk Digestion [userpic]

Because we seem to be spawning gaining members every so often (or at least, old members take on new characters) I figure here's a fast and easy way to add everybody!

1) Go to >> http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console
2) In the big white box, type in the following command:

friend add [insert LJ username here] <-- this will automatically add the person into your friends list
friend remove [insert LJ username here] <-- and this will remove the person from your friends list.

3) Ta~dah! Check the confirmation page to see if you got anything wrong! :D

For Your Convenience, a List of the Already Existing MembersCollapse )

I recommend this list be stuck up somewhere and updated! Because there are sometimes people who join and then the rest of the characters don't know who they are/what their journals are/etc.

And... this is totally random, but try typing in a wrong URL for LJ that will get you a 404 page. xD I love the LJ 404 pages, they make me so amused.

Anyway, have a great weekend, all!

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Who: Adachi, Araki, and Katou
Rating: G
Timeline: A few days after Adachi returns and finds out about Araki and Katou
Summary: Adachi confronts Araki and Katou about their relationship. Much angst ensues.

Kenji Hidaka [userpic]

A little modly note to all players.

I, being the insane twit that I am, decided to take up another character. Along with RPing as Shirotan and KenKen, I've taken up Seto Kouji, the 3rd generation Kikumaru Eiji. His journal can be found here, seto_kouji.

I'll just use my regular AIM name, Viyuuden, as his screen name, seeing how I'm too lazy to create a new one and link to it. I'll be heading back to school and moving into my new apartment in 2 days, so I don't want to mess my internet up with it.

So be nice, go introduce yourselves to the boy, since he doesn't know that many people.

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Ciara [userpic]

IM feelinfatuation for an invite :D



Edit: Chat names and colors under hereCollapse )

Who: Araki and Katou
Rating: Um.....NC-17?
Timeline: Yestersday?
Summary: Katou tries to wake Araki and things get out of hand. Then a bath and pizza.

Current Location: Katou's house
Current Mood: confused
pervy_sota [userpic]

Who: Sota, Fujiwara Yuki, Shiozawa, Takuya
Rating: PG-13 [just to be safe], For references, and kissing
Timeline: The day after Fujiwara and Sota get together
Summary: Shio hears the news!

Shio hears the news!Collapse )

pervy_sota [userpic]

Who: Aoyama Sota, Fujiwara Yuki
Rating: PG, For boy kissing
Timeline: Recently
Summary: Sota falls on Fujiwara during DDR and that leads to other things.

So it startsCollapse )

Kenji Hidaka [userpic]

Shirota and Kenta-mun here! And mod, as well. ^^;;

I'm just here to leave a quick note that I will be MIA until Sunday, August 6th due to my attending Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland. So, Kenta and Shirota will be MIA, as well. As for where, uhm, Shirota had a family emergency and Kenta is trying to board a space shuttle. For fun. That and my brain is too excited to think of anything else!

xD I'll be spending my weekend cosplaying, so Shirota and Kenta will both resurface on Sunday night! If I'm not too tired. ^^;

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